3 Things You Shouldn’t Disclose to Your Interviewer

If you are looking and you have applied for a job. If you have been called for a scheduled interview. You have to fully prepare, don't try to go unprepared. These are the three out of the things you shouldn't revealed yet about yourself. Read and enjoy.


Unfound In The Soil

He who wears white attire doesn’t mingle with them, With those that carry in their hands a barrel of oil, In order not to be soiled. He who cherishes her virginity doesn’t dine with them, With those who place no value on it, In order not to be defiled. He who wears the golden crown …

The Door of Opportunity

The door of opportunity won’t open unless you push – John Mason Suggestions for pushing the door of opportunity open to one’s life Strive towards excellence wherever you are and in whatever you do: Great opportunities will come your way as you make the most of the small ones Always be a blessing to people …

Liebster Award: 2nd Nomination

I am happy to be nominated for Liebster Award by a young Nigerian Medical Student in Russia, Victor. His blog is about Fitness and Health, you can visit it here: https://victorfitnessblog.com Now the rules: 1) acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award. 2)answer 11 questions the blogger gave to you. 3) give 11 …

One Lovely Blog Award: 2nd Nomination

I appreciate Tashnee V Mavee for nominating me for The One Lovely Blog Award, this is the second nomination. Her blog is awesome, you can visit it here. The Rules: Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog. List the rules. Display the award on your post of the award. …

Planning: An Essential Ingredient in the Recipe of Success

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Planning: An Essential Ingredient in the Recipe for Success
This post just serves as a reminder for an important aspect of life that is required to be successful. Planning
Everyone desires success in life. It is frustrating when all efforts proof abortive in whatever we lay our hands upon. Many people don’t even research into why they fail in a particular endeavor. Most times, the reason is not far-fetched, among many likely causes of failure is not planning. There is this general quote that, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” You cannot bumble through life and expect success.
Planning is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. You have to count the cost before you set out for any venture, you have to think and put down how to go about it. You don’t need to assume you know how to have it done, you have to…

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Bury the Past

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What does it mean to bury? When any living thing dies, the best decision to be taken is to bury it. Why?

  • It was made from the earth, from soil, and definitely, it has to return to where it was formed, it was the Spirit that is the real man,
  • To get it out of sight to tackle the psychological effect that, others will also die one day,
  • To prevent the stench that is very dangerous to our health.

If someone that we dearly love dies, do we cry forever? God forbids bad happening to us, we have to mourn, and then forget it. The same measure has to be taken concerning our pasts, the past happenings. “Bygone is gone”, we cannot allow the rope of the past to tie us down. The past is a dead issue, if we brood over it at all, it should be for…

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Your Grit is Very Vital to Your Success

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Life is not fair they say,

Life will never give you what you deserve,

But out of whatever it gives you,

You can make your desire to be.

While you don’t forget that,

One of the tools to use is your grit.

determination 2

Your determination!

Yes, your determination.

Your determination is very paramount,

When it comes to successful accomplishment,

In life and any endeavor.

If you are not determined,

When what you desire is lemonade,

And life throws lemon at you,

You would make your desire, lemonade,

Out of it.

But without grit,

You would have thrown it away,

Before you realize,

That something good can come,

Out of every seemingly bad situation.

With your grit in place

Something sweet can come out,

Of every bitter experience.

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