SEXUAL LITERACY: If you are financially literate, are you sexually literate?

sex education org

Sex is very sweet inside marriage, but very bitter outside marriage. It is like a bitter leaf; when you eat it at the wrong time, very bitter! But when eaten at the right time, delicious! It is also medicinal to your body. Sex at the right time makes you healthy, while sex at the wrong time makes you sick.

You and your children are not only to be financially iterate, but also sexually literate. Knowing a lot about sexuality is not bad! Having sexual orientation is good!

Most people shy away from this topic, some parents and some religion institutions inclusive. Yet, it is a very important part of life that needs to be taught. We all say it is for a particular age group. If I may ask you, from what age can you teach children about sex? Can you see you are just thinking about it?

The reason why many adults don’t know what they ought to know about sex is because they were not taught at the right time. The first teaching about sex should come from parents, because parents are the first teachers of the children. The first teaching about sex education should not be from our religious institutions or any social group. It lies in the hands of the parents. The exact age of this teaching about sex depends on the growth and development of the child. Some children grow very fast physically, while some grow and develop very fast psychologically and intelligently.

These factors determine when sex education starts by the parents. It should not be fixed to a particular age. I have first hand information about two 9-year old children (a boy and a girl) having an affair. Some parents would say, “They are still children”; what they are supposed to have learnt from their parents, they have learnt it in a wrong way from TV Shows, movies, and their peers.

Sex is a very critical aspect of life that we need to take seriously, and educate our children effectively on. Sex has been found as the major cause of disagreement between couples, if one of them should have wrong perspective about it. In marriage, sex is not meant for procreation only; it is also to be enjoyed.

Sex is very sweet inside marriage, but very bitter outside marriage. It is like a bitter leaf; when you eat it at the wrong time, very bitter! But when eaten at the right time, delicious! It is also medicinal to your body. Sex at the right time makes you healthy, while sex at the wrong time makes you sick. If I were you, I would have waited for the right time. That right time is in marriage!

Both the man and the woman have their rights in marriage. Each person’s rights need to be respected. Men, women are not sex machines! But hear this, women, if you want to have a blissful marriage, let me share a secret with you. A woman asked a Marriage councillor, “How many times can I allow my husband to copulate with me?” The councillor replies, “As many times as he wants.”

I bet it with you, the councillor has given the most accurate and correct response to the question. If he has the strength, let him, as many times as he wants. Just wait and see, a time would come that you will demand sex from him, and he would be running away. He would soon be tired!

Sex education is very important in life; let’s teach it to our children early in life. Let it also be taught to any adult that demands it, if we have the capacity to do so. You and your children are not only to be financially iterate, but also sexually literate. Knowing a lot about sexuality is not bad! Having sexual orientation is good! Let us unravel sexuality, and teach it to the younger generation at the right time!

I wish you the best of marital life, as I wish myself.

Hebrews 13:4 – “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: ….

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi



nubile pix

Dear young lady,

How are you? How is this weather treating you? Is it cold or hot out there? But I hope you are not feeling heat from within? Yes I know! I know that you are nubile, that you are of a marriageable age, and you are ready for marriage. It looks as if no suitor is showing forth. You don’t need to file a suit against all men for this. It’s a common challenge. A common one to both young men and women!

Young lady, relax! Your husband is looking for you. You are a favour, you are a good thing, and you are prudent. Who would not like a good thing? Who would not like to be favoured? Who would not like a prudent wife? The reason it looks as if no suitor is showing forth is because you are not meant for just anybody. There is a particular and a special man for you, and do you know what? He’s already searching for you. How do I know this? I was opportune to lay my hand on a letter written by a man of God to a young man, who is in the same shoe with you. It reads:

Dear young man,

There is no doubt that a prudent wife is from the Lord – Proverbs19:14. It was God that saw the need for Adam to have a helper (Genesis 2:18), He made one and brought her unto the man (Genesis 2:21 – 22). Till date, God still makes and chooses wives for people, but you have to be spiritually inclined to recognize His choice for you, when you see her. Adam was highly spiritual, and could recognize his wife when he saw her. And note this that the recognition was not based on the physical endowment only.

On the other hand the sons of God in Noah’s time, out of flesh, chose the daughters of men as wives based on their beauty only, and the result was premature death (reduction in life span – Genesis 6: 1 – 3). The carnally minded can never please God. The basis for innumerable challenges in some marriages is choosing life partners based on man’s wisdom only. Any time a man chooses his wife based on his wisdom alone, problems are inevitable in his marriage.

There is a ready-made and chosen helper for you somewhere, but God would never bring her to you directly; He has made her before you were even conceived (Jeremiah 1:5 – He knew you and the wife you will marry). But, you have to play your own part – YOU HAVE TO SEARCH AND FIND; the reason is that Adam cast the blame upon God for their mistake – Genesis 3:12, “And the man said, the woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.” There is a chosen wife for you whom you have to search for, and recognize when you have found her.

He made and brought to Adam then; but now He made, you find.

House and riches are the inheritance from fathers: and a prudent wife is from the Lord (Proverbs 19:14). Whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour of the Lord (Proverbs 18:22). From these two verses, young man, there are steps you need to take to find your wife:

Step 1: Pray for favour,

Step 2: And God’s guidance,

Step 3: Then search until you find,

Step 4: When you find her, SPEAK – TELL HER.

There are many devises (plans) in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord shall stand (Proverbs 19:21).

Continue to rejoice in the Lord.

My dear young lady, what can you sense from that letter? You have been giving yourself an unnecessary headache by carrying another person’s burden (well, the burden of your partner-to-be). Your own part is to get prepared, ready, and make yourself available and accessible. He is already searching for you here and there. Another thing you can also do to expedite his action is prayer.

Be tenacious in “watching and praying”. There are always both physical and spiritual requirements to get anything done in life.

Continue to radiate in His beauty and glory. I look forward to hearing good news from you by receiving your simply-, but well-designed Invitation Card.


© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi



Blogger pixYou need to help many thirsty souls out there, by making them have easy access to your writings.

Many bloggers call themselves authors, when I read their posts. Are their blogs published books? Our blogs are just bundles of published posts, most times, different topics here and there – just an organized diary. Organized pieces of information that may not be coherent!

Only few bloggers think of the end from the beginning: Those that have their blogs in form of memoirs; those that are episodic in nature; those that are fictional writers. They blog coherently, publishing their posts scene by scene, or chapter by chapter. They are blogging, having it in mind, they are going to publish the book one day. Some have enough award winning poetic thoughts on their blog, without doing anything about it. I read, and re-read many of them. Do you know the numbers of those people that are yet to read your blog are still many?

I understand you that you are not after money, fine! But many people have to benefits from your writings, how would they have access to it? As popular as your blog is, do you know that many bloggers have not even heard of it, not to talk of non-bloggers, and people that don’t have enough time for browsing and surfing the net? You have to help them, by taking all these quality and beneficial writings to them; and this can only be done by publishing your book.

Every adventure in life is tasking, so also is publishing, there are many steps ahead to undergo. If you want to publish your book, it will definitely be tasking; a lot of energy and money would be put into it; don’t mind that, just help people that need the information you are sharing, by helping them have access to it.

Your ‘published posts’ is not the same as published books. Your blog is not a book, though both are published, they are not the same:

  • All your published posts may not be coherent, while information in a book is coherent.
  • Books are first and fully edited before publishing while posts are not fully edited before publishing (they may be half-way edited).

You are not an author yet, though you are a writer, and of course a blogger, but you can easily graduate to become an author.

What You Need to Do to Become an Author

  1. Sit down and package your blog into a book: This is not because of money alone, but many people at one point or the other will need the information from your blog for the betterment of their lives.
  2. Publish it traditionally or online: Many bloggers know more than I do, when it comes to Online Publishing, but they are not taking action. You need to take action to help those that need the information you keep to your blog alone.

The Pointers to the Fact that You will be a Successful Author

  1. Some people spend more than five minutes on your blog.
  2. You have already undergone some parts of the process: editing, marketing, etc.
  3. You already have followers that receive your post every time you publish.
  4. The likes, comments, reblogs, pingbacks, etc. are telling you some other people need to read your blog.
  5. There are ardent followers that are waiting for your books.

Be tenacious in writing and posting everyday, and convert them to digital or print books!


Copyright © 2017 Peter F. Adewumi


MONEY DOUBLING SCHEME: Is It Possible to Double Your Money?

folded EuroThis post attempts to answer many questions, among which are:

  • Is it possible to double your money or asset?
  • Who can be duped?
  • What do you do when you realized you are in the hand of schemers after you have entered into the deal?

folded dollar

It may be against the law to fold paper money! But let’s assume you fold your money, what have you done? Haven’t you doubled it? Does it increase the value of the money? This is what you are doing when you are trying to double your money in a short period of time.

When you have entered into an unwholesome deal, it is not always easy to get out. That is why you need to think properly and also seek advice from the experts in that field before you enter a deal. Those that are being duped are not foolish; maybe at beginning of the whole thing, they were told not to tell anybody, hence, they were so greedy enough to swallow the information hook and sinker, and did not seek advice from anybody nor the experts. They just went blindly into the deal! As you are looking for a way out, you still find yourself going deeper. Let me illustrate what I’m saying with this scenario:

In a very serene natural environment, silence and freshness supersedes and swallow the noise and pollution from the nearby highway. A man came right from the hustling and bustling of the highway right into the woods, the comfort he experienced was far incomprehensible. In fact, the one provided by the arboriculture from the highway was actually crawling behind it. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable in life? Before he realized it, he was freed from the purveyors of violence, and he became a surveyor of silence. He continued to walk into the forest.

He was walking comfortably in the forest enjoying fresh air and fresh fruits on the way, unlike the polluted air and baked fruit at the highway. As he was going, he was being carried away by the comfortable experience of that area, and he did not notice he was entering a marshy area of the forest. Every forest has its marshy area! The colder soil he was treading before the marshy area proved to give more enjoyment and happiness. He was actually enjoying it, and he couldn’t explain how he entered into a mess. He was caught half-way to the waist in the swamp. All attempts he made to free himself, was taking him deeper into the swamp.

I think you know the end result, if the body should sink up to the neck, and the head followed suit? Yes of course, death is imminent!  That is why people who were duped by 419 (Advance Fraud) normally would want to commit suicide, their heads had been sunk into the swamp – they can no more see things the way it ought to be seen, and they cannot think straight. How will a normal human being think of going on suicidal mission? A mission that you undertake without coming back – A land of no return!

The experts make us to know that when you find yourself deeply sunk in a swamp, the best action to take is to be calm and relax. Any struggle to free yourself takes you deeper. Keep calm, stable, and relax until somebody comes around to help you.

In the same vein, when you find yourself in the hands of the schemers – the perpetrators of the money doubling scheme and the advance fraud –, you have already entered the deal before you know; the best thing to do is to opt out fast, and forgo all the money you have lost into their hands, any attempt to get your treasures (money) back will take more money out of your pocket. When that happens, it is an indication that your head is sinking, and if you are not careful, suicide will be the last resort.

When you come back to your senses, let the money you have lost go, don’t be attached. When a particular prodigal son came back into his senses, he let it go. He left and headed straight home for help. “I cannot help myself, I need someone to help me out.” He reiterated in his mind. And don’t be surprised, he got the help, when he sought for one.

With faith, God will definitely send a help on your way. Only those that let their heads sink when they are duped, are the ones that commit suicide and terminate their glorious destinies. Those that don’t let their heads sink, always step back on dry ground with their feet, and bounce back to life again

However, the best bet is to think before you enter any money doubling scheme, know that every promising business has risks attached. Any business that promises 40% upward is always very risky, it is not feasible at all; between 10% and 30% is okay, but you still have to tread gently in order not to get sunk in business swamp. Don’t put all your capital into a business at a go, you can use half first; and keep the remaining half for unforeseen contingencies. Whenever urgency is attached to a business, at a very high interest rate, run for your dear life

It is very possible to double your money and asset, but it takes time – a lot of waiting. Anybody that is not careful can be duped, therefore, don’t entrust your money into the hands of anybody – it is better to acquire assets with your money fast; the faster you can convert your money to assets, the better. And if you mistakenly enter the hands of these evildoers, no matter how far you have gone with them and the amount of money you have lost, come out fast, and forgo all that you have lost, and start your journey to wealth again. It is not how fast, but how well!

Don’t let suicide be the cusp of your carelessness in losing your money! Be the champion of your financial life.

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi


Fortune follows those who remember their parents – especially mothers.

woman portrait

In the first three years of your life

You were so attached to me

We were so fond of ourselves.

Hardly will you spend five minutes elsewhere

Without coming to me

You can never sleep all alone,

Until you see me beside you.

You have even taken the place of my husband

Whenever I go to work

I discovered your loneliness

Only when I came back from work

To see you waiting at the gate

Now that you are of age,

You were so strange to me

Like an apple on the soil of Africa

I hardly see you once in a year

I thought you were my best friend

I never knew you were my breast’s friend.



Happy Mothers’ Day in arrears!

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Elixir 3Can’t you see what you have done, dear?

You just love stepping on one’s toes,

You behave like them; I mean like foes,

Can’t you learn from deer.

I have never seen somebody without his/her Achilles’ heel,

You may be endowed with many gifts,

But they may not serve as lifts,

It agrees with others to form larger one, that is hill.

You may not be taught,

And it is innate,

But can be learnt,

Give it a thought.

It is not easy to say “I’m sorry”

But say it boldly without worry.

In response to Today Daily Prompt: Elixir


Murmuration - Pixabay People think my best color is Purple

They don’t know it’s golden

I like color purple

Just because I used white and purple

When I was in secondary school

I painted our car purple

To still show allegiance

To my secondary school pioneered by a king.

Almost all the families from my town

Has royal blood flowing in their veins

Let’s leave the royalty through Jesus apart

Hardly will you see a family

That had no ‘Ade’ meaning Crown

Starting their family name

The name of my secondary school

Started with ‘King’

That is why we are using color purple

In my secondary school.

We all know color purple is a secondary color

Along with some other colors

Like Green and Orange

When two primary colors

Are mixed together

Such primary colors

Like Blue, Red and Yellow

We have a secondary color

The mixture of Blue and Red

Gives which color?

Color Purple comes from the mixture of Blue and Red

Color Purple comes in different shades

Depending on the percentage of

Colors Red and Blue in it

No matter the shade it takes

Color purple still stands for royalty


Photo Credit: Pixabay


Symbiosis 3Symbiosis could mean cooperation, interdependence, relationship, association, synergy, and interaction (Encarta Dictionary, 2009).

Symbiosis 1

Life is symbiotic in nature! Life is interdependent, if you are trying to live all alone, it may not work out, there is need for interdependence. It’s even God’s principle. When He wanted to create the Heaven and the Earth, he said, “Let us make….” He can do it all alone, but He knew that it would be better to do it with some personalities. Think of it, if there are no trees that undergo Photosynthesis in order to give off Oxygen, there would be no living things on the surface of the earth, because they too would not have access to Carbon dioxide that they need for the process.

Symbiosis 2

How do living things interact with each other and with their environment?

Living things or organisms interact with other living things and with non living things or the physical environment. And there are several ways of the interactions among living things. Some are beneficial for one organism, but harmful to the other. And some are beneficial for the two organisms that are involved.

The main three ways of interaction between organisms in their environment are Symbiosis, Predation and Competition

In Science, symbiosis can be any of these three: Commensalism, Mutualism, or Parasitism.

Commensalism is the type of relationship where one organism benefits from the other while non of them was harmed. The commensal benefits from the host.

Mutualism – A type of relationship where two species benefit from each other. An interaction that benefits both organisms.

Parasitism – A relationship where an organism (parasite) gets its nutrients from a living host that was harmed by the interaction.

S/N Ecological Relationship Effects on Organism A Effects on Organism B Legends
1 Commensalism + 0 0 : Neutral


+ : Benefits


–  : Harmed

2 Mutualism + +
3 Parasitism +
4 Predation +
5 Competition +

What is the implication of the table above to real life?

  1. In some relationships, the two persons involved benefit equally from each other (Mutualism type of Symbiosis).
  2. In some relationships, only one person benefits from the relationship, though no harm to the other person (Commensalism type of Symbiosis).
  3. In some relationships, only one person benefits from the relationship, while the other person is being harmed (Parasitism, Predation and Competition).

The symbiotic relationship (Commensalism and Mutualism, except Parasitism) is good. While those relationships that are of negative competition and predation in nature are extremely bad.

The question now is which type of relationship are you engaged in? Use the table above to analyze the relationship you are in, and decide whether to change, stay the same or run for your dear life.

Reference: and Google

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There is something meaningful in meaningless words sometimes. There are some senses in senseless utterances.


The teacher stood in front of the class. The class was well-arranged as if it is a court. Silence reigns in the four walls of the confinement. The alacrity of the students for learning was very high. The prevalence of the grave silence was a sign that an unusual event was taking place. It had never been like that in that citadel of knowledge, an external inspector was around; if it had been an internal supervision and inspection, the students would make noise – it is as if noise is normal to schooling, as fish cannot live without water. If they did not make a disturbing noise, at least they would make a giggle, they would use non-verbal communication, in one way or the other, they would make sure they communicate in whatever form.

This is the advantage of external input sometimes; you may think the assignment is perfectly carried out and well-done, until it is externally assessed; and sometimes, you would struggle to finish a particular assignment, but when it is externally assessed, you would be surprised how you are going to be  highly rated.

meaninglessness 1

Let us go back to that serene classroom environment, we left some minutes ago;

The Teacher (with enthusiasm): Good morning class.

The Students (On top of their voices): Good morning sir.

The Teacher (Moving towards the white board): We started Fraction in the last class. Can someone remind us of what we did?

Many students raised up their hands, but the teacher called one student by name to contribute to the class discussion meaningfully.

The Student (standing up to her feet): Sir, you told us a fraction is a part of a whole; and that the number at the top is the numerator, while the number at the bottom of the separator is the denominator.

The Teacher (in a happy mood): A round of applause for Lovelin (All the students clapped for her).

The Teacher (with optimism): Can someone else give us another example of a fraction? (The teacher called suzzie to answer).

Suzzie (with self-confidence): ¼, 2/3, ….

The Teacher (nodding in approval): That is okay! Very good! Have your seat. Finally, can any other student give another example?

All the students raised up their hands in anticipation. The teacher called on Hearty to give a response to the question.

Hearty (with a loud voice): 5/5 .

The Teacher (with disgust, shouted): Nonsense, meaningless!

The Inspector (cuts in, and faces the students): Hearty’s reply was not totally   nonsensical, it was not totally meaningless. There are some senses in what you think    is meaningless sometimes.

The inspector (called the teacher out of the class): In reply to his answer, you would have said, the whole part of a whole (in this case, 5 parts of a whole, that has been divided into 5) is a whole, that is , 1. Hence, it is no more a fraction.

If the inspector had not cut in, Hearty may never contribute in that class again, and it would definitely affect his performance in that subject and class.

In the Blogosphere, some bloggers’ comments are like that teacher’s reaction to Hearty’s answer, which would make some bloggers to pack in. I’m not saying, we should not objectively criticize, but let us make it constructively, and encourage the blogger to keep riding on the air.

Put those words of yours together confidently, that idea may be for just only one person. There are may be some helpful hints in those words that you think are meaningless!

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Be Blessed!

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The Versatile Blogger Award


Rules for the nominations:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers for this award and inform them.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Put the logo of Versatile Blogger in your post and display the rules also.


I was thinking of how to get followers to follow my blog. I was thinking of how to make a successful blogging, ….

A big thanks to Masarora for nominating me for this award. The way you have been weaving your words together has been a source of encouragement. Your comments and likes have served as a Compass to measure the way my blogging is heading. Thanks a lot.

It was really not possible for me to reach here without the corroboration of the whole Blogosphere. Your likes, feedback, comments have always encouraged me to let this journey be a continuous one.

Before my nominations let me tell you seven facts about myself:

  • I am from Ibadan, the second largest city in the whole of Africa.
  • I presently live in Thomas Adewumi International College, Oko, Kwara State, Nigeria.
  • I love writing and reading.
  • I also love playing Games like Football, Table Tennis, Chess and Scrabble.
  • I love blogging to motivate and clarify some knotty issues of life, and to clear the doubts of those that may be in dilemma.
  • I love to be around my family, anytime I’m opportuned to do so.
  • I am a graduate of Engineering that dabbled into Education. I love Education so much. I am an educator!

And now my nominations:

Ivana – Orbis Marketing
GBolabo Adetunji
Life of a Med School Wife
The imaginary friend alif
Brandon Adams

I am limited to just 15 nominees. I am deeply sorry for I have many bloggers in my community. I love you all!

 I’m grateful for all your encouragements and push all this while….


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