What it Takes to Blossom

Blossom picture

For a flower to blossom,

it has to be trimmed.

For a tree to be fruitful,

it has to be pruned.

For a skin not to harbor parasite,

the hair has to be cut.


For you to blossom financially,

you have to shed selfishness.

For you to blossom in health,

you have to shed unhappiness.

For you to have a long life,

you have to shed part of your weight


For you not to be imprisoned,

you have to let go the one that has embittered you

For you to be free indeed,

you have to be free to everyone around you.

For you to be successful in life,

your successor must be trained by you.

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

Create Your World

CReate 1

Many don’t know the ability to create that is embedded in them, many people know but they don’t know enough tools to use to create the kind of life they desire. These are few of the tools that can be used for your desired kind of life.

cReate 2

You can create the world you like to live in

You can create the world you desire

You can create the world of comfort and luxury

You can create the world of gender equity

You can create the world encompass with peace


Create your world with thinking

Create your world with talking

Create your world with acting

Create your world being hard working

Create your world with networking


Create your world with looking for opportunities

Create your world with doing the right thing at the right time

Create your world with seeking for help when there is need

Create your world with learning from others

Create your world by influencing others


Which other tool do you think we can create our world with? I will like to add more from you.

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

10 Facts about a Blog


Blogging 2First and foremost, there are lessons I learned about blogging from three (3) bloggers. The pronounced out of all the three is Ivana.

Many people believe that there is no gain in blogging, until it is monetized. This is a blatant lie. There are many things you stand to gain, which can later culminate to financial gain.

What you stand to gain if you start a blog is as follows:

  1. You interact with and learn from others.
  2. You learn many things from the internet.
  3. You will learn technical detailing.
  4. You learn how to keep your own websites.
  5. You learn graphic design and how to use some programs.
  6. You will improve your writing skills.
  7. You will learn more about social networks.
  8. You will learn photo skills.
  9. You will learn communication links.
  10. You will learn better management skills.
  11. You learn how to develop ideas and creative thinking.
  12. You will not only become a good writer but also a good marketer.
  13. The blog serves as your online portfolio with which you can present to the world in the best way.

Now, my 10 facts about a blog:

  1. A blog is a platform for international learning/teaching: It is an avenue to have access to opinions about a topic or an issue from all parts of the world. Different perspectives about an on-going issue help people to learn better.
  2. A blog is a platform for inter-cultural relation: It is an avenue to relate with people of different background, different language, and different culture. You will always meet people from all over the world.
  3. A blog is a platform for information dissemination: Based on the fact that you meet people across five continents, you have to possess an international mentality so that the information you want to share will be relevant. A blog keeps you abreast of new developments on issues.
  4. A blog prevents boredom and loneliness when you are alone: A blog is a platform where you open up your mind; it is not a good thing to be thinking continuously without putting anything down. It allows you to think on paper. A blog allows you to voice out what goes on in your mind without talking.
  5. A blog gives room for productive thinking: When you think, and there is something to show for it, that is a productive thinking, but when you think while you and others could not see the result, it is a wasted effort.
  6. A blog prevents senility: The same way a consistent and moderate physical exercise helps us to be strong physically, a blog serves as an open field to exercise our brain in order to keep fit mentally
  7. A blog serves as an avenue for meeting people that you would never have met: There are many people that you would never have met, even if they are all on social platforms. Besides, a blog allows you to have a better glimpse into the life of people before you connect with or follow them.
  8. A blog is a platform for getting feedback on your whole personality: Whether you know or not, your writings present part of who you are. Therefore, the comments on your blog most times will help in shaping your perspectives about life and your whole personality.
  9. A blog is a platform for voicing out your bottled ideas: whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Unlike in real life where the extroverts may not give enough room for the introverts. Having a blog gives you enough room to express yourself without any disturbance.

Note: Be on the lookout for a detailed researched post on “Introvert Vs Extrovert”

10. A blog is like a panorama: A wide picture that is being unfolded gradually in front of the onlookers. You never knew what it may grow to become.

Therefore when you start a blog, be a paragon,  be an example of excellence in what you write and what you do. You have to sit down survey, study, and plan before you move out because you are about to present yourself to the whole world. If I am given an opportunity to re-start my blog, there are many things I would have done differently.

What do you think a blog is? I want to read and learn from you. Thanks!

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi


A Total Man

Total man picture

A total man takes care of his/her spiritual life;

A total man takes care of his/her psychological life;

A total man takes care of his/her physical life;


A total man takes care of his/her physiological life;

A total man takes care of his/her financial life;

A total man takes care of his/her social life;


A total man takes care of his/her work life;

A total man takes care of his/her love life;

A total man takes care of his/her future generation.


A total man does things that are true;

A total man does things that are honest;

A total man does things that are just;

A total man does things that are pure

A total man does things that are lovely; and

A total man does things that are of good report.


What do you think makes a complete and total man?


© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi


Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Philippians 4:8



What are Books? (2-min Read)


Many great authors have written many great books but not about “books” hitherto. Only a few authors have written about what books are. How can people read books when they don’t know what books are? Even the few that do, read just for pleasure. They think “books” are just black ink – or whatever color – on white or brown paper or screen. It is so sympathetic to hear this!

Books are more than that! They can be likened to texts/materials which you have to read and digest to hurdle the obstacles of life, pass exams of life, face challenges of life, tackle Satan when he comes with his temptation and to record successful endeavors in life. Some books will seem negative in nature, but they have to be read to understand those that practice the principles from them; you have to read such books carefully and prayerfully. Books are short-term or long-term thoughts, revelations, experiences and conclusions from researchers and studies of great minds. Thus, books are secrets of and from great minds that if read by hungry minds, they are going to be fed and become great.

The Most Important Reference

How important are books that in heavens before any judgment is made books have to be consulted (Daniel 7:10)? I think as it is done in heaven, it must be done on earth. The reason why many problems remain unsolved on this planet is because we don’t consult books. Books are the banks where treasures of solutions are being kept. There are many secrets in books. Make a reference to any good book today and you will agree with me that the most important objects that need to be valued are books.

In Daniel 9:2 – quoting Daniel; “In the first year of his (Darius, the son of Ahasuerus) reign, I Daniel understood from the books the number of the years, of which the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.

It was from books Daniel got to know the secrets to his freedom from captivity. Are you having any challenge right now? Get a book on that topic you need help and what the book will deliver into your hands will be much more than the money and time you spend to buy and read it.

Let us read books in order to puncture ignorance in our life!

What do you think books are? I would love to read your own view so that I can also learn from you. Thanks!


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© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

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When the ‘Likes’ on Your Blog Taper


When the ‘likes’ on your blog taper! When the likes, comments, and views on your blog reduce gradually. What this sign is actually communicating are as follows:

1. You might have deviated from the original vision: does your vision for blogging at the beginning always come to your mind whenever you are writing a post, if not you are deviating from it, and this might be the reason the visits to your site is tapering in size. It does not mean the blog is not growing, but maybe it is not growing at the rate you want. Check this area! If your reason for blogging is not posted somewhere on your blog, it is high time you wrote it.

2. Your posts might have become too long to read: Sincerely speaking, with this little time I have spent in blogosphere, if your blog is too long, nobody will read it, except maybe one out of hundred, the length is very important, it shouldn’t be more than 3 minutes based on my experience from visiting many sites. If likes and comments on your blog posts are tapering day by day, you have to consider this area. Even some of the likes you are getting may be due to your past impacts, there are many numbers of likes on posts that are not read.

3. The use of pictures for your posts might have reduced in quality: Researches show that posts with featured image receive more likes, comments, and shares than those without one. If visits to your sites are reducing when you check your blog stats, you might want to check this area. I have gone to many sites that do post without using featured image. To stress the importance of pictures, remember pictures only can be posted, but it is not advisable to post words alone on blogs.

4. You might have reduced your visits to other sites: There is always a need to reciprocate what is given unto you. What you sow is what you reap. If you give likes, you will definitely get likes, if you give comments, you will definitely reap comments. For instance, I learned from a blogger who told me she wrote three posts a week, and use the other days to read posts from other blogs, in order to comment and learn from others. There is need to visit other bloggers, in order to give them invite to come to your site.

5. You might have reduced your response to others’ comments on your blog: A blogger told me one day, “If you don’t want answers, never ask me a question again.” Why? This is just because I did not respond to her comment on time. I quickly render my apology in order to correct this anomaly. It is very ethical as a blogger to give a quick response to comments on your blog if you don’t want to lose your blogger friends.

6. You might need to balance writing and reading of your blogs: Some bloggers read other bloggers’ posts, and they neglect theirs, sincerely speaking, it is equally important to read posts from your archives once in a while. The same way you receive inspiration when you read posts from other blogs, you will receive from reading yours, even in a better version, and this will cause increase traffic to your blog due to well-researched posts.

7. You might need to re-ignite your passion for writing and blogging: There is nothing bad in having the vision to do something, but everything is wrong with having no passion married to your vision. If there is no passion, the vision dies. You always need to fan the fire of passion when it comes to your writing and blogging. Make sure, you are writing and blogging in the area you have a passion for, your followers’ activities: their likes, comments, and views if you don’t take care, may steer you away from your course.

8. You might need to re-fuel yourself by studying: You need to study to re-fuel. Writing saps sharpens and sap you of knowledge, there are need to study along as you are writing and blogging. This is one of the reasons you need to read books, read others’ posts and your own posts. When you read from your archives, it always looks as if you are reading the writings of others.

If you can take note of all these points, your tapering blog would come back to receive more likes, comments, views, shares, and pingbacks more than before. Thanks.

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi

Bloggers are Voluminous


highly productive

Bloggers are voluminous, they produce in

V O L U M (not in number and in length but in quality and impact)


V – Voluminous


L – Luminous

U – Unimaginable, and

M – Magnanimous

E – Entity.


You are voluminous, I mean you are prolific,

I mean you are highly productive,

If you are not a blogger, are you a writer?

Whatever you are doing,

Are you voluminous?

Are you prolific?

Are you highly productive?

Do you produce in volume?


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Thanks for your anticipated reading and commenting.


© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi



The Triumph of Unconditional Love


unconditional love 1

I was watching the mother cuddled it. It was a beautiful baby, the hair was dark, curly, and shining. Its face was dazzling and shining like stars. Its skin was incomparably fresh. The faint cry was not irritating but welcoming. The baby is unconditionally loved! The 9-month tie has bound them together. The love had been there even before it was physically manifested.


unconditional-love 2

That is how it ought to be in any relationship. The love needs to have been there before the relationship starts, it just needs to be expressed. it is what will keep the relationship going no matter what. It is unconditional love that can make the relationship triumphs when any situation militates against it.


These are the languages of unconditional love:

1. I do not want to change anything in you, I love you the way you are.

Unconditional love 3

2. I love you when the sun is shining, but I love you more when the storm is raging.

Unconditional love 4

…., and much more, …

Though unconditional love does not mean you should accept bad behaviors, it makes you triumph in all circumstances!


© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi


Health Benefits of Eating Unripe Mangoes and Bananas

Mango and banana

My belief was that eating unripe fruits has no benefit at all. Until I read it here:


Some of the effects are highlighted below:

1. It has a positive effect on digestion.

2. It regulates menstrual flow.

3. It aids healing of Septic Wounds.

4. It treats Acne and Psoriasis.

5. It treats Infected Tonsils.

These are general health benefits of eating unripe fruits.

For the health benefits of unripe mangoes and green bananas, read the original post here:






6 Reasons for Delayed Achievement (2 min read)


Achievement picture

Many people desire success, but the result is proving otherwise. It is not that they are not taking steps, while they are not wrong, but the successful accomplishments are delayed. These are some of the likely reasons why many people’s desired achievements are delayed.

1. Your desire level: Some don’t have a desire for success, some have but they have a desire for a little achievement. Some are just doing what they are doing for doing sake, not for a tangible purpose. “Let me do it so that they won’t say I am not taking steps.” Taking wrong steps cannot get you to your destination. On a wrong path, no matter how many steps you have taken, it’s getting you farther from your successful endeavor.

2. Loving to talk than to listen: Many people thought they have already known everything. They don’t want to learn from anybody, they don’t want to listen to others. They are sapping themselves of their ideas, without gaining any from others. There is no challenge by sharing some of your ideas, not all, with some selected people, but they must be those you can equally gain from. It has to be a symbiotic relationship.

3. Your goal is common: Many people want to succeed. You are not the only aspiring candidate for success, many people want to succeed, and hence, you are competing for the same opportunities. If you are working towards your goal with this in mind, you will know how to relate and work with people that come your way.

4. Seeking help first from others: You need to help yourself first: Look for what you can do on your own before you can seek for help in the area you need others to help. You need to help yourself first; those that you are looking at for help may also need help. Even if they want to render such help, unforeseen contingencies may hamper them from rendering the help on time.

5. Walk and work with like-minded people: It is not everybody that is going in your direction. Move only with those that are heading the same destination as you are. As you are researching about the journey, they may have some pieces of information that you need. They are already equipped with the required information you may not be in possession of. You have to be tender (kind and sympathetic) with them, in order to have access into what they possess that you don’t.

6. Your perspective about failure: Some people see failure as a bad omen. It may be tender (physically painful, even psychologically painful), you have to take it easy. Failure is good sometimes! It is a springboard to a high achievement. I don’t pray you fail, but when it happens, it is a foundation for better achievement. Failure is supposed to make you come out stronger than you started. If a class is repeated, the performance and achievement should be better in the long run.

© 2017 Peter F. Adewumi