What are Books? (2-min Read)

Many great authors have written many great books but not about “books” hitherto. Only a few authors have written about what books are. How can people read books when they don’t know what books are? Even the few that do, read just for pleasure. They think “books” are just black ink – or whatever color – on white or brown paper. It is so sympathetic to hear this!



You are a king! Are you surprised? Did you say you are not from a royal family? It does not really matter. This is not to relegate the position of all our kings; they are highly respected and honored. May they all live long prosperously! You are a king (You are of King David lineage), …

An Experience Called Examination in Schools. What is it Called in Real Life, and Also in Spiritual Matters?

There is an experience we are used to in schools. It is called an examination. But in real life, it is trials, while in spiritual matters, it is temptation. Examinations precede promotion in schools. Trials precede breakthrough in real life. Temptations precede successful endeavors in spiritual matters.